Peninsula Swimming & Aquatic Centre

2 Colchester Road, Rosebud, Vic, 3939, Phone: 5981 2667

Swimming Lessons


Peninsula Swimming & Aquatic Centre provides a quality ‘Learn to Swim’ program for a range of abilities, from AQUAPLAY BABIES (12 months) through to NATIONAL SQUAD LEVEL.

Lessons are of a 30-minute duration and increase in time as students progress through the levels. Qualified and experienced staff conduct our classes and class plans are tailored to include: Water familiarisation, water safety and survival techniques, basic stroke development and stroke technique. Certificates are awarded when students progress to the next level.

Before booking a student, we offer a free assessment. This enables us to find the correct level for each individual student. Assessments are carried out at 4pm each Friday, & take approx 10 minutes. (Although it is wise to call first & check that we are not over-booked)







PSAC Swim School Terms and Conditions: PSAC_SS_Terms and Conditions.pdf


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